Klipsch Heritage Museum Association (KHMA)

Who we are

Paul W. Klipsch had a major impact on many people and on many levels. He inspired engineers with his technical prowess, his products brought audio realism (some call it HiFi) into countless homes, and his “eccentric genius” behavior awed and amused others. The KHMA was the brainchild of one of Paul Klipsch’s major fans, Christy Luquet. This is substantiated by two MCM speaker systems in her living room!  KHMA was founded by individuals so impacted and counts many, many more as enthusiastic supporters.

What we do

As stated in our Bylaws: The KHMA’s vision is to foster interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics by the example of Paul W. Klipsch.

The KHMA’s mission is to restore, preserve, maintain and display Klipsch and Klipsch-related artifacts and archival materials for historic purposes, as well as to conduct pertinent historical research and to host educational activities and events.