Hempstead County Bicentennial 181218


The Klipsch Museum is located in Hempstead County Arkansas.  December 15, 1818 saw its creation under the Missouri Territory, and actually pre-dates the creation of the state of Arkansas.  It was one of the three original counties, and now compromises eleven modern counties.  It even included parts of what is now Texas and Oklahoma. 


As part of the celebration, a time capsule is being buried for eventual opening in 2068.  KHMA was asked to supply as much as “1.5 inches” of 8½ X 11 paper documentation relative to one of the county’s most celebrated residents, Paul W. Klipsch.  Well, as PWK would have said, “That’s like waving a bull in front of a red flag!”  It didn’t take long (but several toner cartridges!) to amass KHMA’s input.  Rest assured, the capsule is welded-shut, ¼” stainless steel, with the contents vacuum-dried and subjected to Argon gas more than once.  Articles and photos cover the following subjects:

1.     The Life The Legend Biography

2.     Corrections to above

3.     HDTT KlipschTape CD

4.     Review of the above

5.     KHMA Trifold

6.     Klipschisms

7.     PWK Anecdotes

8.     PWK Bibliography

9.     Klipsch Timeline

10.  Klipschorn Timeline

11.  CEA lifetime achievement nomination

12.  Eva Belle Klipsch’s Biography

13.  KHMA building’s Historic Building Nomination

14.  Man of Faith

15.  Trains

16.  Planes

17.  Balancing Act

18.  Chile

19.  Phonograph Pickup

20.  Exiting WWII

21.  Accutron

22.  Networking

23.  Bullshit

24.  Brussels

25.  Moscow

26.  Edwards AFB

27.  Hollywood Bowl

28.  KlipschTape

29.  Dope From Hope (genesis)

30.  The Trophy

31.  A Friend Indeed

32.  SPG

If you follow the Klipsch website, as well as KHMA’s, most of these should ring a bell.  However, one will debut in our next Dope From Hope, and another on KHMA’s website very soon.  Keep an eye out!

Here is a copy of the event program for the Bicentennial celebration.

HC Bicentennial Program 001.jpg
HC Bicentennial Program 006.jpg