Honoring Our Founders

During the 2018 Pilgrimage, KHMA took the opportunity to reward our highest level members, the Founders and K-horn Corps.  This year’s special event was a gourmet dinner at Dannie’s’ Café in the woods of Hempstead County.  With KHMA staff, the total was about 30 people, which was the capacity of this quaint little venue (we had the place all to ourselves!).  Richard Groves and Matthew Smith provided an outstanding selection of wines and champagne.  Thanks guys! 

Of our 15 Founders, eight attended the special member event and availed themselves of another Founder’s-only perk – portraits wearing an original PWK Stetson hat.  Glenn Mosby volunteered his legendary photography skills. We also caught a ninth Founder at the recent Watermelon Festival in Hope, Tim Cooper.  Note the reduced photo quality!  Check these guys out, and be sure to post your sarcastic comments wherever your conscience allows! 


Craig Strause


Glenn Mosby


Michael Beasley


Richard Breneman


Richard Groves


Scott Yocum


Steve Shofner


Tim Cooper


Cory Harrison

Also in attendance were K-horn Corps members:  Kevin Harmon, Matthew Smith, and Michael Welch. 

It was KHMA’s extreme good fortune to have Scott Yocum in attendance.  As you undoubtedly know, we tragically lost Scott soon thereafter. Only the good die young. Stairway to Heaven at his funeral was about as appropriate as it gets.